Mullingar is quickly growing its reputation for its Outdoors Recreational Facilities which in recent times has been enhanced by the Royal Canal Way and the Old Rail Trail – both of which are attracting visitors of all ages to enjoy the walking, cycling, running, and water facilities these offer – away from the hum of traffic, in pleasant surrounds and lovely vistas.
Here are few places where you can enjoy the great outdoors around Mullingar for free – and these are only a short drive from Mullingar – where you can walk up to the highest point in Westmeath, take a stroll though the 7 wonders of Fore, and visit one of the most unique bogland in Europe.

Mullaghmeen Forest  – The highest point in County Westmeath ( not many locals know this, never mind visitors!). Dont panic its only  254 meters as we dont have any mountains in Westmeath. Its a forest wonderland – very well maintained by Coillte with 3 looped trails ( or runs!) to suit every level of fitness. Whether its nature you enjoy, and the northern side of the hill overlooks Lake Sheelin and magnificent views. There is no entry fee to enjoy this fabulous outdoor facility.

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7 Wonders of Fore  
An ancient wonder of Ireland inhabits a green valley in the North of Westmeath where the ancient monastery build on a bog is not the only amazing wonder in this tranquil village where St Fechin founded his monastery in the 7 th century – but here is were they proudly boast (as proudly as any one of the locations of the 7 wonders of the
world would boast) yet here in this lovely village it has its own 7 wonders – such wonders include the water that flows uphill, the mill without a race and water that wont boil.

A great way to spend a morning or afternoon as all the wonders are within a short walking distance
of each other and you get fabulous scenery and ancient history thrown in and it all for free.

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Scragh Bog 

Located overlooking Lough Owel, this is one of the few remaining examples in Europe of an illustration of transition from
alkaline fen to acidic raised bog and it is Ireland finest example of this. This area is rated of international importance. There are a number of boardwalk routes through this area. For birdwatchers, walkers and those
interested in flora and fauna this is a real hidden gem just a few minutes from Mullingar town. ( no admission charge).


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