Mullingar - at the heart of the Irish Mythology

Many important Irish legends are associated with landmarks in and around Mullingar Westmeath. Lough Derravaragh and the Children of Lir, Castlepollard"s Irish name Cionn Torc is named after the boar that gored Diarmuid while out hunting with Fionn and the epics the Toraiocht and the Tain both have associated sites in the county and Bard Mythologies tells the stories of the first settlers of Ireland - the Fir Bolg - the arrival of the Tuatha De Dannann, the two battles of Moytura and the legend of Midir and Etain. The Children of Lir, Amerghin and the arrival of the Millesians (Celts) and Balor of the evil eye, tyrant leader of the Fomorri. Along with The Hill of Uisneach, The mythological and sacred centre of Ireland.

The Children of Lir

The Children of Lir is a legend from Irish mythology, the story is based on Lough Derravaragh. As the story goes Bodb Derg [a son of Eochaid Garb or the Dagda] was elected king of the Tuatha Dé Danann...

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Hill of Uisneach

The Hill of Uisneach in Co. Westmeath has played a part in just about every significant Irish event, be it political, cultural, religious, mythological and geographical....

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Leprechaun Hotbed

LEPRECHAUNS have long since been a cornerstone of Irish folklore. While they’ve etched themselves into the modern-day culture of Ireland, it’s been a very long time since their existence was ever seriously considered … 

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The Jealous Wall

The Jealous Wall was built c. 1760 as a result of a quarrel between Robert Rochfort and another brother George, the owner of nearby Rochfort House (subsequently re-named Tudenham House)...

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Haunted Buildings

Mount Street Along Mount Street, there is a building that was long known as “the haunted house.” The house (now a Chinese takeaway) has an upstairs window at which a face can be seen....

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Military Ghosts

Columb Barracks is said to be quite a haunted place. One ghost is that of a soldier who still marches up and down between the barracks gate and the Fair Green on an endless last patrol...

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