Fore Abbey

Fore Abbey is located in the village of Fore about a 30-minute drive from Mullingar. Visitors That visit Fore can view the site where St Fechin founded a Christian monastery in the 7th Century. It’s believed that before his death, 300 monks lived in the community. Later, the monastery was set fire 12 times.

Fore Abbey is widely known for the Seven Wonders of Fore include, the monastery in the bog, the mill without a race, the water that flows uphill, the tree that has three branches, the tree that won’t burn, the water that won’t boil, the anchorite in a stone and the stone/lintel raised by St Fechin’s prayers.

Once you have walked around Fore Abbey why not have yourself some tea/coffee in Fore Abbey Coffee Shop. Fore Abbey Coffee Shop is a restored farm building established in 1998, adjacent to Fore Abbey.

Fore Abbey is open all year round and is free admission for more information about Fore Abbey click here

What you will find at Fore Abbey

  • Car Park
  • Fore Abbey and the seven wonders of the world
  • Information about the seven wonders of the world
  • Coffee Shop
  • Toilets