Joe Dolan Memorial Statue

Joe Dolan was born in Mullingar, County Westmeath. The youngest of eight, his Father died when he was 8 and his Mother when he was 15. Joe was left at home with brother Ben, as the rest of the family had either emigrated or settled down. On Ben’s advice, Joe started work as an apprentice newspaper compositor with the local newspaper, the Westmeath Examiner.

The Dolan household was always noted for music, Joe was to be seen in those early days playing the washboard accompanying his sisters’ singing in the house.. Indeed it was no surprise that Joe and Ben decided to put a band together and play the local dancehall circuit.

A full biography of Joe and his infamous career can be read here

The Joe Dolan Statue

The Joe Dolan statue is situated at the Market Square Mullingar. The bronze life-size statue was unveiled in December 2008. Thousands of fans travelled to Joe’s hometown for the unveiling by his brother Ben and the Dolan Family. The statue captures the performer in a trademark stage pose.

The statue had to be removed for reinforcement works in 2010, as adoring fans had ‘rocked the statue to its foundations’. It became loose as a consequence of people getting up on the statue to have their photographs taken. It was removed to a foundry in Dublin for repairs, but was back in the Market Square after a few weeks. It continues to be one of the most photographed statues in Ireland.

The Joe Dolan Bridge

The Joe Dolan Bridge is situated on the outskirts of Mullingar. At 540 meters, it is the longest bridge in the Republic Of Ireland. Officially opened on 6 th September 2010, it is the final section of an orbital route which takes in existing bypasses on the N4 to the north and the N52 to the east of the midlands town, a move the council hopes will improve quality of life and increase business opportunities.