Multyfarnham Friary

Multyfarnham Friary is a Franciscan Friary located in the Village of Multyfarnham just 15 minutes drive from Mullingar. The Friary is dated back to the 15th Century with many historic events that have happened at the Friary.

The Friary still maintains a presence in the ancient monastery here which was founded in 1268. During the English conquest of Ireland it was raided six times and twice burnt out by the Crown forces battling the forces of the ‘Irish of Meath’. During the wars of the 1640s it became an organizational center for the enormously powerful and influential Franciscans in Ireland, who met there in their provincial assembly at the outbreak of the 1641 rebellion. There are 14 elaborate life size Stations of the Cross. This is a focal point for special devotions. It is regarded as one of the finest outdoor shrines in Ireland and draws many tourists to the Friary all year round.

In the church there is a stained glass window of the Children of Lir Legend that reflects the village history with the story of Children of Lir.

In recent years in conjunction with the LARRC Center (Irish Cancer Association) there is a new retreat walk build adjacent to the station of the cross, here you will find time to relax listen to the wildlife that surrounds the woodlands of the Friary and the village.

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The Franciscan Friary is open all year round and there is no fee for admission.

What you can find at Multyfarnham Friary:

    Car park
    The Station of Cross with a calm retreat to the side of the walk
    The Friary and adjacent to the Friary the LARRC Centre
    Local shop and restaurant