A hidden Gem – Mural of Photographs of Old Mullingar

 There is always lots to do in the Mullingar area – and the town has quite a number of  “hidden gems” that you could easily miss – if you have not heard about them. We want to share some of these “hidden gems” with you in a series of blogs and our series starts at The Old Photos Mural at  Mullingar Credit Union.

In addition to being one of the best examples of a strong local business – Mullingar Credit Union really has its community at heart and its mural of photos of old Mullingar is just one example of their commitment to the local community in Mullingar.

Located close to the Market Square in Mullingar – on Oliver Plunkett Street – Mullingar Credit Union features one of Mullingars “Hidden Gems” and this is  totally free to view.

Use the entrance door closest to the Market Square and walk straight down the corridor and take a look to your right and you immediately get the “wow” experience.

This is a full wall mural of photographs of “old Mullingar” – its just like a walk back in time and its great fun for both locals and visitors to look at streetscapes and see just how Mullingar looked over the last century.

This images of old Mullingar was put together by ronowned local photographer Sean Magee for Mullingar Credit Union

This full size “wallpaper” of local images uses striking black and white contract to bring out the details in this fantastic mural of old Mullingar.

So if you have 5 minutes or 20 minutes to spare when in Mullingar – just pop in to view the full wall mural of Old Mullingar photographs and be very pleasantly surprised by this unique “Mullingar Hidden Gem”. For some – it will bring fond memories, for others it will be “is that how Mullingar looked years ago!” and for others its lovely to compare how the facade of the town has changed over the years.

If you know of any hidden gems in the town that might be worth sharing email us at info@mullingar using the words “hidden gems” in your heading.

Make sure to visit during Credit Union opening hours. https://www.mullingarcu.ie/contact/opening-hours/

  • use of images by kind permission of Mullingar Credit Union and Sean Magee.  Mural designed and printed by Loughran Signs