Purple Flag is a town and city centre award which aims to raise the standard and broaden the appeal of town and city centres between the hours of 5pm to 5am. Areas awarded the Purple Flag are recognised for providing a vibrant and diverse mix of dining, entertainment and culture while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and local residents. The Purple Flag’s aim is to galvanise the night time economy in Mullingar, increase partnership working and improved performance on safety, crime-reduction and cleanliness.  The Purple Flag can play a valuable role in raising the standard and broadening the appeal of Mullingar’s night time economy.

The scheme is managed by the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) working alongside the Purple Flag Advisory Committee – a partnership of key stakeholder groups backed by the Local Authority, Gardai, business and residents. Purple Flag accredited towns and cities have proven that they are welcoming to everyone, offer safe ways for visitors to travel home after dark and provide a good mix of venues. Purple Flag towns and cities benefit from more visitors, lower crime and anti-social behaviour and improved perceptions of centres.

Mullingar is delighted to retain its Purple Flag status and we look forward to our renewal celebrations in June 2017. Mullingar is now one of over 50 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland who have been awarded with Purple Flag status for their achievements in helping people have a great night out and one of 23 Irish locations awarded.  We were the first Town in the Midlands  to join the Purple standard and we must continue to work hard to retain this award as it is critical to the future development of our tourism potential.

Brigid Manley Chamber President and Purple Flag co-ordinator commented:

“We are delighted that Mullingar has retained the Purple Flag status in recognition of our dedicated efforts and investment in the creation and enhancement of our evening and night time economy.  We are very proud to fly the Purple Flag, reflecting the strength of ongoing partnerships and engagement activities with all key stakeholders. This was very much a team effort and we will promote the Purple Flag, using it as a stepping stone in our continuing development of a vibrant evening and night time environment which is safe and well managed.

I believe that towns that are well structured and organized will be best placed to meet the challenges that we face in the coming years and achieving the Purple Flag Status puts Mullingar on a firm footing. The long term goal is to have a town centre manager which the assessors have alluded to on their report. They also mentioned that Mullingar shows evidence of strong partnership between trade, public services and public groups which is to be commended”.