Midlands Whiskey Experience

The Midlands region of Ireland is home to some of Ireland’s finest whiskeys and is a first class destination for whiskey enthusiasts. Perfect for groups of 10 or more, our Midlands Whiskey Tours allow you to discover the cultural heritage and history of our proud ancient distilling tradition in the Midlands or simply join us on one of our exclusive Midlands Whiskey Tasting Experiences, where you will journey through a unique selection of Irish whiskeys from the Midland’s region.

Whether you are a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or have never so much as tasted a whiskey before, you will have every opportunity to experience some of the best Irish whiskeys that the Midlands region has to offer during one of their  many Midlands Whiskey Experiences. They invite you to join them on a journey of discovery into the regions rich whiskey heritage and to discover some of the worlds finest Irish whiskeys.


At the Midlands Whiskey Experience you can choose from the tour experience which is perfect for groups of 10 or more visiting Mullingar click here for more information on this option.

The Second option that the Midlands Whiskey is the Tasting Experiences, click here for more information on this option

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