Local Legend Profile: Ray Dolan

It’s no secret that the Dolan family are a Mullingar institution. With Joe having sadly passed in December 2007, his nephew Ray Dolan – along with the rest of the family – have ensured that the family’s fantastic legacy remains, both in Mullingar and beyond!Today Ray is a local legend.  Born in Mullingar, he went to school in St. Mary’s and still lives in the town. He’s very active in the community, often turning up at local businesses for an impromptu music session, to promote a charity event or to tell a story – all for Mullingar.

Ray said: “I consider myself as an unofficial brand ambassador for Mullingar. I love my town and I love to get an insight into the businesses and people that make Mullingar great! This is the reason I started to make use of social media to promote the town, having no idea it would be so popular. But it’s great and I love that we are connecting with not only the local people in Mullingar but the diaspora in the rest of Ireland and worldwide”.

Apart from being a network marketing and social media professional, he is also a musician, singer and professional driver. We spent some time with Ray to ask him about his home town that he holds so dear.


  1. How would you describe Mullingar and what it’s like to live here?
    “Well I would describe Mullingar as my home, and it’s the home of many many people who have come from all over Ireland and all over the world to settle here in this fantastic town.”
  2. How would you describe the people of Mullingar?
    “I’d say it’s like the world wide web – they’re warm, they’re welcoming and they are world wide!”
  3. What is the best thing about the town?
  4. What current music do you most enjoy?
    “The current music I like is Bruno Mars, and Robbie Williams is fantastic. As well as that we’re very lucky to have some fantastic live music here in Mullingar. We’ve got our own Niall Horan from One Direction who has gone solo and he has his own song This Town. Then we have The Blizzards who are piping up and rocking hard at the moment. We have Mustache who are a fantastic band here as well, and not forgetting The Falling Lights and The Academic who are really doing well. And we have the Choral Society of course…I think we just spawn music here, it’s coming off the Brusna River! We’ve got it all in Mullingar!!”
  5. What has been your favourite trip?
    “My favourite trip I’d have to say was getting out of bed, I’d put on me coat and I went down town! Me mother used to say, “Jesus you’re mad for road!”  We were lucky enough – we got to travel all over the world. But one trip I always remember was when we went to Philadelphia, Nashville and Memphis…and a trip down to Elvis Presley’s house – which was absolutely beautiful. That was a super trip. But I always remember coming home, and just listening to the people talking on the street in the town, and even throwing in an owld curse here and there…I definitely felt I was home!” 
  6. Who do you admire in the world today?
    “Well I admire Barack Obama. I think he’s an absolute gentleman. He did a fantastic job while he was President and he left on fantastic terms. But coming back to our own town, we have some fantastic people here including Gerry Duffy who transformed his life, by just changing his thinking. As well as that, we have The Count. He is such a popular, cult figure here in the town and he just thinks outside the box! We all have to think outside the box with the world changing so dramatically. And not forgetting the great great Gerry Ward – the man who looks after the streets here in Mullingar. For many many years I have admired him from afar, for just being in good form and always having a word to say!”
  7. What does your perfect day in Mullingar look like?
    “A place called Paradise – a great spot in it’s day for, you know yourself, hanging out! A perfect day would be a walk on the Greenway, back into the pub maybe and have a pint with me father. Then get a takeaway from Oscars – bacon and cabbage! Have that beside the fire and snore for a half an hour!! Or if there’s an event in town, get the coat on and head in for an event like our Christmas Fair – which is a beautiful, beautiful thing! Or indeed, the musical festival in the town and do what we do best: enjoy and support our town!” 

To personalise your business on social media, Ray is the Go-To Man, from Mullingar in Mullingar!  If you would like to know more about him or his work, you can connect with him on Facebook (Ray Dolan or Ray Dolan from Mullingar in Mullingar) or feel free to give me a ring on + 353 87 2610024 and you can e‐mail Ray to dolan.ray@gmail.com.



We’re very thankful to Ray for his time, and for his support of www.mullingar.ie.


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