Urban Forge Café

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Urban Forge - Pizza & Café, Oliver Plunkett Street, Commons, Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland


Urban Forge Café and Pizzeria is located in the heart of Mullingar. A Café during the day, serving delicious soup and sandwiches alongside the best coffee in town and an exquisite restaurant by night. With a range of pastas delicious and authentic wood fired pizza with a large variety of toppings, Urban Forge Mullingar is simply one of the best restaurants in the Midlands.

The History: Charles Day, far relation of Daniel Day Lewis owned shop back in 1879. It was a bazaar shop with everything in it and was called Days Bazaar for a long time, it evolved and became a bookstore, then cafe and now Urban Forge Café and Pizzeria.

At Urban Forge we are passionate about food and are members of the slow food movement which is all about connecting people through ‘good, clean, fair’ food.

We offer homemade soup and sandwiches during the day and in the evening we offer delicious homemade pizzas that are freshly prepared and cooked in our Italian stone oven.

Our homemade pesto is made from fresh basil grown in our polytunnel. Our homegrown herbs are sourced from our own herb gardens at Mount Druid and our chilliest of peppers are fresh from our glass house.

At Urban Forge you can dine inside or outside.