Famine Memorials

Located in the center of Mullingar on Oliver Plunkett Street. Mullingar’s Famine Memorial Fountain honors all of those who died during the Great Hunger. While the west of Ireland is remembered for being hard hit by the Famine, the Midlands lots a quarter of its population to the famine.

The memorial was dedicated in 1997 and features three sets of hand that each catch the water as it flows into a large milestone, in celebration of the towns former industrial past. Mullingar’s name comes from the Irish phrase “An Muileann gCearr”, which refers to a mill that spun the wrong way.

Famine Burial Ground Robbinstown (Mullingar)

This graveyard largely contains the marked and unmarked graves of victims of the Great Famine (1845-9) and acts as a poignant reminder of this traumatic event in Irish history. In 2017 there was a plaque place on the grounds on the famine graveyard to remember those that are buried on the grounds.