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(Irish: Bealach an Tirialaigh) is a Georgian village located 81 km from Dublin and is situated in the south of the county on the R446 (formerly the N6) road. The Village also boasts a popular golf course. New Forest Golf Resort is located a mile outside the village.


In 1597 there was a battle in Tyrrellspass. The Irish, led by Captain Richard Tyrrell, ambushed and defeated the English army. There is a historic castle on the edge of the town, built by Captain Tyrrell. The Catholic Church of St. Stephen is located across from Tyrrellspass Castle. The Parochial House is attached to it. It is one of three Churches in the Parish of Castletown Geoghegan. The others being Castletown and Raheenmore. The Church and Parochial House were renovated in 2009.

Places of interest

Tyrrellspass Castle

This major focal point of Tyrellspass is situated on the west side of the village, conveniently located in the heart of the midlands just off the M6 Dublin to Galway route.

Tyrrellspass Castle dates back to 1411. This is the only remaining castle of the Tyrrells, cousins of William the Conqueror, who came to Ireland in 1169. It was home of the Tyrrells of Fartullagh. Richard Tyrrell, associated with the battle of Tyrrellspass 1597 is the most famous of the extended Tyrrell family. It was built circa 1411 and was extensively restored in the 1970’s.

The castle is approx 20 metres high and follows the general pattern of tower houses, stone built, essentially defensive and comprising a series of superimposed chambers.
The original spiral staircase and one of the original roof beams dating from 1280 can still be seen today. Alongside the entrance door is a murder hole through which intruders could be attacked.

During the Cromwellian invasion of 1650, it is said the castle occupants suffered a great deal and many were executed.