Mullingars Hidden Gems Part 2

The Greville Arms Hotel Museum

Continuing our look at “hidden gems” in Mullingar Town that you can enjoy for free – we recommend visiting one of Mullingars finest hotels and a building that in itself plays an important role in Mullingars history. The Greville Arms Hotel is located two doors down from the Market Square in the centre of Mullingar and you can step in here to explore an Aladdins cave of artifacts and memorabilia both  ancient and modern

In this article we are concentrating on the Greville Arms “Museum” which is free to visit and browse. There are many items of interest in this museum – some very old and some very up to date.

The contents of this museum covers  timeline from limestone fossils 400 million years old to more recent memorabilia of a young man born in Mullingar in 1993.!  Here are a selection of items worth looking out for on your visit:-

  • The Greville Museum on the First Floor brings to life the Ancient history of Westmeath and Ireland. Hanging on the wall of the is a portrait of Robert Rochford (1661-1727). The museum contains limestone fossils estimated to be 400 million years old.
  • The first Irish coin that was minted in Dublin in 995AD and fragments of early Celtic Art and a rare 8th Century Christian crucifixion are on display in the museum.
  • Also on display is a man trap used for catching poachers, King James II coinage found at Lough Ennell and many other old coins.
  • Old Greville Arms silverware, the old diary of Charles Howard Bury 1883-1963, which he wrote on the Everest Expedition and the dead man’s penny.
  • The famous Belvedere Bear Head brought home from the Tiam Shan mountains by Howard Bury to Belvedere House where it remained for a number of years, it was called ‘Adu’, is also on display in the museum.
  • There is also Ibexs brought from Mount Everest by Howard Bury, including many other artefacts and memorabilia and a letter by Winston Churchill from the war office

There are many rare items and collections of artefacts are on view in the museum, including an early copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses book.”

Marble Statue of PENITENT MAGDALENE  By Antonia Canova


The PENITENT MAGDALENE – By Antonia Canova One of the most famous sculptures in the world, which was carved by Antonia Canova in 1822 is on display in the foyer of the Greville Arms Hotel.

Niall Horan display at the Greville Arms Hotel

Awards and Memorabilia of Niall Horan including One Direction Award on display in the Greville Arms Hotel

Oh yes I nearly forgot – about that young man born in Mullingar in 1993 – I am of course referring to Niall Horan.   The Museum at the Greville Arms Hotel includes memorabalia of Niall Horan and One Direction

Niall’s family are very loyal customers to the Greville Arms Hotel, because of this Niall’s dad has gifted us with the Original Brit Awards Niall & One Direction won in 2012 for Best Single and in 2013 for Global Success. When visiting Niall’s memorabilia in the hotel lobby don’t forgot to leave a message for Niall in the visitor’s book.”

So if you have 5 minutes or 30 minutes to spare when in Mullingar – just pop into the Greville Arms Hotel and enjoy one of “Mullingars Hidden Gems” where you can start browsing through this wonderland of artefacts and memorabilia.

Thanks to the Greville Arms Hotel for photos and for sharing the above quick insight into their fantastic “ Mullingar Hidden Gem”.

When you are visiting the Greville Arms -don’t forget  you can enjoy their large range of services including their cafe, restaurant, bar and accommodation.

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