Mullingar lady Patricia Gibney, is an international bestselling author – her character Detective Inspector Lottie Parker and the town of Ragmullin (clearly not an anagram of “Mullingar”!) are now established internationally (Google has yet to show Ragmullin as a location but does provides lots of links to Ragmullin and Patricia Gibney’s series of Crime Novels). Such is her international success that her book sales worldwide – in all formats – has long passed the 1.000,000 sales mark.

Mullingar” and “Ragmullin” have a lot in common – both are in the heart of Ireland – physically and emotionally – and for anyone who has had the pleasure of reading a Patricia Gibney Crime Novel – then a walk through Mullingar will be like a déjà vu experience of walking through the crime scenes alongside Detective Inspector Lottie Parker.

Patricia Gibney is a Mullingar native, born and bred, who worked for many years for Westmeath County Council in Mullingar town and raised three children with her husband Aidan. Then tragedy struck with the loss of Aidan at the age of 49, just 3 months after being diagnosed with cancer. Patricia retired from her job and was in a dark place for a number of years before turning to writing as therapy.

Like so many authors there was rejection after rejection before getting her deserved notice and the publication of her first Lottie Parker Crime Novel “The Missing Ones”.

Patricia describes Mullingar as Right in the heart of Ireland. Surrounded by lakes, Mullingar is damp and wet most of the year but when the sun shines it is a little piece of heaven on earth.”

Her books are bestsellers in UK, US, Canada and Australia and are also available in audio and digital versions and translated in twelve countries so far.  

Her debut novel “The Missing Ones” was published on March 16th 2017 and her growing collection to date includes “The Stolen Girls”, “The Lost Child”, ”No Safe Place”, “Tell Nobody” and “ Final Betrayal”. At time of publication of this blog,  Patricia’s 7th novel is available to preorderBroken Soulsto be published in October 2019.

Mullingar is not to far from the fictional village “The Valley of the Squinting Windows” (by Brinsley MacNamara) which has characters based on real people and which resulted in the public burning of this novel in the village of Delvin, Co. Westmeath – some say due to how easy it was to recognise the real life versions of the fictional characters. Patricia Gibney’s novels have not resulted in “public burnings” of her books – rather the opposite, they have been hailed in great acclaim – as they are a carefully crafted mix of characters including some based on different characteristics of some people in this area. What comes across clearly to anyone who knows Mullingar is that her “unputdownable” crime thrillers have settings and locations that can quickly be recognised as very similar to locations in Mullingar and it is clear that Patricia has constructed characters that, though fictional, are very true to life.

We can highly recommend reading any and all of the Lottie Parker Crime series as we can highly recommend a walk through Mullingar as a follow up to help you visualise Mullingar and its place in the Heart of Ireland, its locations, its people, and why Patricia chooses to base many of the scenes in her books in a place that “ is a little piece of heaven on earth”.

Her novels are available in all good bookshops including locally in Mullingar  in  Just Books and Eason Mullingar

Patricia Gibney is represented by agent Ger Nichol of The Book Bureau & published by Bookouture, Digital Publisher, London and Grand Central Publications, in the US and many foreign translations