Kilbeggan Distillery Visitors Centre


The world’s oldest licensed distillery is situated 20 minutes from Mullingar town in Kilbeggan Co. Westmeath. The distillery dates back to 1757.

The Kilbeggan Distilling Company has seen its share of trials and triumphs. Founded in 1757, the distillery spent the next 200 years making a whiskey beloved the world over. So when tough times ground its gears to a halt, the town came together to save the whiskey that built the town. It wasn’t quick or easy, but they persevered. Today, every bottle produced stands as proof that the spirit of Kilbeggan never wavered.

Situated along the picturesque River Brosna, the Kilbeggan Distillery Experience is an excellent stop on any Ireland holiday itinerary following the route from Dublin to Galway.

Seeing first-hand how the town and distillery have evolved since 1757 is a must. Daily tours allow visitors to see how the distillery has married the whiskey-making traditions of yesteryear with the innovative spirit of today, and the townspeople are a vibrant lot, known to turn strangers into friends in a matter of minutes.

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